In line with its mission to celebrate all the great things about Harlow and to encourage positive action in the town, online campaigner Proud of Harlow has stepped-up to sponsor the new Environment category of the Harlow Architectural Design Awards (HADA).

The environmental category, just launched in 2019, recognises exceptional contributions to the ecology and biodiversity of the natural environment in Harlow.  Examples might be the sustainable regeneration of a derelict building or piece of land, a low carbon-footprint new development or the environmental improvement through, say, better insulation, of an existing building.

With Harlow about to enjoy a period of growth it is even more important than usual to respect the Gibberd principles which include access to green spaces, sustainable development and the preservation of the environment.

With the support of Proud of Harlow, HADA’s new environmental category will do it’s bit to encourage architects to make environmentally sympathetic developments in the town.