Residential Shortlist 2017

High Chase

Part of the ongoing Newhall development, these rows of semi-detached properties, facing each other across the street, are an example of how a good balance of size, shape and scale can establish an impressive street scene. Well considered landscaping complements the architectural rhythm of the houses which are well detailed and make use of high quality materials.

10 & 12 Headland Street

This pair of four bedroom houses on the Newhall development combine strong geometry and proportions with good detailing and materials to create an attractive composition. The windows are large and their positioning and shape are integral to the architectural form. At the back, they connect a spacious open plan living area to the garden. The outdoors connection is reflected in the balconies at the front which are set back and have privacy.

6 & 8 Rosefield Street

This pair of semi-detached properties on the Newhall Development demonstrates how traditional materials can complement contemporary designs if properly detailed. These well-proportioned dwellings combine contemporary housing ideas with traditional tile hanging and have a domestic feel despite their scale. The unusual fenestration and entrance-area detail provide real interest in what would otherwise be a relatively plain façade.

4, 6 & 8 Headland Street

This cluster of three predominantly timber-clad houses on the Newhall Development is an interesting composition of contrasting vertical planes and roof pitches. The combination of these shapes with good proportions, materials and careful detailing give these distinctive and contemporary houses a pleasing overall effect and set them apart from so many standard designs common today.

54 Old Road

Good design is not restricted to new-build properties though it may be more difficult to achieve in extensions and alterations to existing properties. This project shows how it is possible to enlarge an external envelope and yet retain the integrity of its original form. An updated and tasteful character has also been added through the colours and materials chosen for the refurbishment. The overall effect is complemented by well-considered hard landscaping to the frontage.

Non-Residential Shortlist 2017

Town Park Regeneration

The regeneration of the Town Park, which has been on-going for some time, is finally completed with the opening of the Changing Places WC. The end result is a much-improved soft landscape whilst Pets Corner, the Bandstand and Spurriers House have undergone significant refurbishment and remodeling. New buildings include the impressive Learning Centre. The overall project combines well considered interventions with significant construction work, all held together by a consistency of design, choice of materials and colours. The project ensures that this much loved, green-flag-winning facility will continue to serve the residents of Harlow, and visitors, for many decades to come.

Harlow Cricket Club Pavilion

Completed at the end of last year, this substantial pavilion replaces its venerable predecessor with, under one roof, facilities that are valuable to the community as well as to the many teams that will play here. The building’s construction includes some non-traditional techniques and yet also summons up the spirit of traditional cricket pavilions. Although quite substantial in its footprint, the building’s positioning and orientation mean that it fits well in the landscape both visually and for its purpose.

Kao One

This major refurbishment and extension of a previous STL building includes a new entrance lobby and a first floor gallery while the external envelope has been upgraded which, combined with extensive landscaping, has transformed its appearance. Unseen, but no less significant, is the extensive modernisation of the services enabling this building to perform technically like any of the new builds in the Enterprise Zone.

Rugby Club

The new Harlow Rugby Club house will be the envy of any player who ever changed in the previous clubhouse. Providing significantly improved facilities for players and spectators this building is both practical and attractive and enables significant growth in the clubs sporting and community activities. The use of quality materials, a bit of a theme this year, complements the striking design and, we are sure, many spectators will enjoy the view from the generous balcony which dominates the elevation facing the pitches.